Build LifeLong, high trust Relationships

Every Results RoundTable member makes a commitment to contribution. Their commitment is always rewarded in a multitude of ways, and more than initially expected.

Strong, Powerful and High Trust relationships with World Class game changers is what this mastermind is truly all about.  Building relational wealth is one of the most emphasized components of the Results RoundTable.  Think about it for a second, if you build life long relationships with like minded individuals, would that significantly impact your life?  The answer of course, is yes.

One of the best ways to reach financial freedom is through collaboration.  Learn together, grow together and succeed together.

  •  High level, exclusive business tours
  • Access to Bestselling Author and Number 1 International Speaker and Results Coach, Shawn Shewchuk
  • Power Mastermind Dinners during every live weekend.
  • A community that masterminds together, eats together, learns together and that has done millions of dollars in business deals across the table. 
  • A community where members have 5X’ed and even 10X’ed their business ventures and income.

There aren’t multiple levels of membership, just one…

 Platinum..  Once you are a member, you will receive your very own personalized Platinum Results RoundTable black membership card

19 Other Top Performing Individuals

Meet individuals who will alter the way you view not only business, but life. Surrounding yourself with complete and total access to the knowledge and information of 19 other incredibly successful individuals will magnify your business in ways you have only dreamed of! Your network is your net worth, create an incredible network.
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